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A Major Update on Markets

It’s been six months since I last posted on this blog, and it’s time to put thoughts on paper again.

For new readers, at the top of this older report you’ll find the standard disclaimer & brief background of my views over the last few years. While you’re there, I also recommend the other archived reports. They have information on my process & approach, some of which may help your Investment/Trading process going forward. Best of luck.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: I am an Equity & Macro portfolio/fund manager and key advisor to Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Pension Funds. I’ve worked with partners over two decades, navigating many different market environments. My partners are institutional investors looking to constantly expand capabilities & improve rules-based strategies. If volatile markets in 2020-2021 have you looking to improve Systems & Advisors to your process, please reach out. I can also build strong teams while working closely with key persons. If interested, please get in touch here. Thanks for your support.

A personal note: today marks two years since joining Twitter to share some of my charts, a decision that far exceeded my expectations. I’ve made great friends and look forward to making many more.

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