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Bitcoin And Crypto Price Volatility Opens The Door For Further Stablecoin Adoption

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Continuing price volatility around bitcoin and other cryptoassets illustrates the need for, and importance of, stablecoins and other less volatile cryptoassets.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had been on a bull run, but with some of the steam being let out of this potential price bubble recently, the need for lower volatility cryptoassets once again has come to the forefront of the blockchain conversation. Stablecoins and other asset-backed-coins are not a brand-new idea or iteration of cryptoassets, with many of them having been traded and used since 2018. With a combined market capitalization in the tens of billions of dollars, this subset of cryptoassets is a major driving force behind wider adoption and utilization.

Taking this one step further, however, and moving beyond simply using stablecoins or other asset-backed-coins or tokens as a medium of exchange, the conversation around tokenized and other asset-supported crypto is just beginning.

Based on both individual and institutional interest, and setting aside the price volatility for the time being, the case for wider blockchain and cryptoasset adoption and investment is clear. As an ever-expanding pool of potential investors and users seek to

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