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Blockchain And Infrastructure Both Make Headlines, But How Are They Connected?

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Blockchain and cryptoassets are booming, and with increased conversation around infrastructure investment, the question needs to be asked; how can blockchain enhance current and new infrastructure?

2019 Bloomberg Finance LP

While the conversation around blockchain and cryptoassets might seem to some as abstract or more conceptual than relevant on a day-to-day basis, the continuing debate around infrastructure investment and rehabilitation is more tangible. Regardless of what statistic is cited, there are concrete and quantitative benefits that come from improved infrastructure. These include reduced commuting time (and pollution), lower risks of failures during high stress situations, and adapting to climate induced changes. These benefits, however significant they are, tend to be focused primarily on the benefits of physical infrastructure investment; what about digital infrastructure?

Especially as the focus on green investment continues to accelerate, and the importance of digital infrastructure rises to prominence in a remote-first environment, developing a digital infrastructure framework is of critical importance. As has been seen time and again however, the security and data protection policies surrounding digital infrastructure and development have not kept pace with the sheer volume of information that is handled by

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