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Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East 2020 – Virtual Conference

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1000+ Attendees | 100+ Expert Speakers | 500+ Sovereign, Corporate & FI Borrowers | 100+ Investors

There has never been a more important moment to bring together borrowers, investors, bankers, policy makers and market practitioners to share knowledge, debate and network.

As the region pilots a course out of the great Lockdown, the corporate & investment banking community will come together to gain on-the-ground market intelligence, learn from industry experts, schedule a year’s worth of 1-2-1 meetings and walk away from Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East having moved their businesses forward.

MENA’s largest virtual corporate and investment banking eventHear directly from and speak with your clients and new business opportunities about their financing needs. Gain critical insights into the latest market trends with expert-led panel discussions.Truly pan-regional attendance, and with the online format now with an international reach With all market practitioners grounded, the panel/presentations setting the scene for the virtual 1-to-1s are your best opportunity to meet new business. Fiscal discipline versus subsidising growth: What is the right balance of monetary easing, fiscal stimulus, debt management and maintaining ratings?For

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