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Nikhilesh De

Reddit Joins With Ethereum Foundation to Build Scaling Tools

Reddit is growing its role in the Ethereum ecosystem, with the goal of building out scaling tools for the blockchain network. The social media platform announced Wednesday it was expanding its work with the Ethereum Foundation to provide development resources to scaling tools. In the

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Cointelegraph By Andrew Fenton

The adventures of the inventive Alex Mashinky 

The way Celsius founder Alex Mashinsky tells it, he not only invented DeFi, but also Uber and VoIP — and he even had a crack at creating Bitcoin, four years before Satoshi Nakamoto. Weirdly enough, there’s some truth to all these claims. “I tried to

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Cointelegraph By Sarah Austin

DeFi users shouldn’t wait idly for Eth2 to hit its stride

Many people are anxiously observing the launch of Ethereum 2.0 because the media has touted it as a “game-changer” for the cryptocurrency industry. Yet the masses seem to forget there are viable alternatives in existence already. Is Ethereum 2.0 taking too long? In recent days,

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