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Cointelegraph By Ezra Reguerra

Spain's largest telecom brand dives deep into Web3

With crypto adoption moving forward in various parts of the world, Spain continues to encounter major developments in its local blockchain space as its largest telecom services provider dives deeper into Web3 technologies.  Telefónica, the multinational telecom company based in Madrid, Spain, has enabled payments

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Cointelegraph By Brian Quarmby

Texas, Vermont regulators object to Celsius stablecoin sale plan

State regulators from Texas and Vermont have filed a motion objecting to embattled crypto lender Celsius’ plans to sell off its stablecoin holdings. Separate motions from both regulators filed on Sept. 29 argue that there’s a risk the firm could use the capital to resume operating

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Cointelegraph By Ciaran Lyons

Lack of ‘qualified people’ without more Web3 education, say academics

Australian blockchain academics and educators have called for more robust Web3 education in schools, preparing students for a world that will be dominated by blockchain technology. Huxley Peckham, head trainer for Blockchain Academy International told Cointelegraph that there are “very few qualified people in the

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