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David Gordon

Social Media's Algorithms Aren't Really Controlling You

Senator Josh Hawley’s just-published The Tyranny of Big Tech (Regnery, 2021) raises important issues. Hawley asks, for example, Do Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censor views that that their managers do not like? It seems clear that the answer is yes. Many people who have tried

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Jacob G. Hornberger

It's Time to End the Embargo against Cuba

Now that Cuban president Raul Castro has resigned the presidency of Cuba, will the US government lift its six-decade economic embargo against Cuba? Don’t bet on it. Original Article: “It’s Time to End the Embargo against Cuba“ This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by

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Wendy McElroy

Due Process on Campus Keeps Justice on the Streets

Politics moves from campus to Main Street. The next political attack is likely to be on due process—the foundation of Western justice itself. Much depends on which side of the current debate on campus sexual misconduct hearings wins. Does a person accused of sexual misconduct

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