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Facebook’s Libra Digital Currency – Upsetting the Balance of Power?

Powerful governmental elites have historically controlled the creation of money. This period of history may be coming to an end. 

A new entrant has thrown its hat into the ring – Facebook.

With its recent announcement of a new corporate digital currency project named Libra, Facebook may be triggering a realignment in established global power structures as a result.

As a blockchain enthusiast I love to talk about the potential of the technology to transform business and society. As a CPA, I’m also curious how it will impact the companies I run into in my daily work.  

So, I ask…because I want to talk about crypto and blockchain in general but also because I hope to find a fellow enthusiast out there that I can talk shop with!

When I ask most people what they think about Libra, I’m usually met with a blank stare, or a shrug of the shoulders – this includes from my CPA colleagues, most of whom haven’t even heard of it.

I find myself somewhat amazed by

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