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Game review: Can 'LiteBringer' do what it says on the tin?

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Among the many current and upcoming blockchain-enabled gaming titles, LiteBringer promises something different. It claims to be the first game running entirely on the Litecoin blockchain.

But can it live up to its name, and bring players Litecoin (LTC)? There was only one way to find out…

Pay to play

The first thing to note about LiteBringer is that it really is played directly on the Litecoin blockchain. Every move that you make is a transaction and will require a mining fee (currently around 0.0014 Lites).

You will also need to get a subscription for every character that you wish to play with. Subscription fees are available for an initial period at a 90% discount, meaning that you currently pay just 2 Lites ($0.10) for around a month’s worth of blocks.

I started the game with around $0.50 worth of LTC and have subscriptions on four characters, with plenty of change to spend on as many quests as I can manage.

An idle-clicker RPG

The game has an RPG theme – think wizards, warriors, and thieves – but the quests don’t actually require much input, and LiteBringer is in essence a bit of an idle-clicker.

Available quests are green, quests

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