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Facebook’s Libra Digital Currency – Upsetting the Balance of Power?

Powerful governmental elites have historically controlled the creation of money. This period of history may be coming to an end. 

A new entrant has thrown its hat into the ring – Facebook.

With its recent announcement of a new corporate digital currency project named Libra, Facebook may be triggering a realignment in established global power structures as a result.

As a blockchain enthusiast I love to talk about the potential of the technology to transform business and society. As a CPA, I’m also curious how it will impact the companies I run into in my daily work.  

So, I ask…because I want to talk about crypto and blockchain in general but also because I hope to find a fellow enthusiast out there that I can talk shop with!

When I ask most people what they think about Libra, I’m usually met with a blank stare, or a shrug of the shoulders – this includes from my CPA colleagues, most of whom haven’t even heard of it.

I find myself somewhat amazed by this general response from people. Sure, more people have at least heard of Bitcoin, but try discussing things beyond that, and it’s clear most people do not have any idea of what is happening in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

But I believe, as do many others who follow the blockchain space, that this is going to change soon. The Libra digital currency initiative is likely to have a significant and lasting impact on society by bringing cryptocurrency out of the shadows and into the light of day. 

Libra On a Mission

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