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Maybe, just maybe, France will turn out to be the place where the populist tide is turned. – Philip Stephen, FT We concur!

Wow!   Here’s a new definition of China Mobile. The pain we took yesterday in Apple was enough to cut the position.  Lucky us.  Not! (click here if video is not available)

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No President since Franklin Roosevelt has won re-election with unemployment higher than 7.2%, and Obama’s own economists in February predicted 8.6% unemployment in 2012. That number may yet be revised upward in light of recent economic headwinds, including the Japanese … Continue reading →

It’s that time of year and as Opening Day approaches we look at a great article on Mickey Mantle in today’s  L.A. Times and last’s night rerun of David Letterman’s interview with Hank Aaron.  Relax for a few and enjoy … Continue reading →

In the context of S&P’s recent sovereign downgrade of Japan we thought you’d be interested in this IMF piece published in October.  The basic thesis is that Japanese commercial banks have been the main buyers of JGBs over past

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Earnings from United Natural Foods, McCormick & Company and PepsiCo are due out Though the last days of September will be quiet, investors will have plenty of economic action to unpack by the time it’s October. Employment, real estate, and consumer confidence data, as well as the most recent gross domestic product (GDP) reading, will

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US: H15 0.55 2020-04-20 FRB 1-month nonfinancial commercial paper

H.15 Selected Interest Rates RSS Data Download The release is posted daily Monday through Friday at 4:15pm. The release is not posted on holidays or in the event that the Board is closed. Release date: April 21, 2020 Selected Interest Rates Yields in percent per annum Instruments 2020Apr14 2020Apr15 2020Apr16 2020Apr17 2020Apr20 Federal funds (effective)

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Restaurant Spending Improves in August

Restaurant traffic and sales improved in August. While spending continues to trend behind pre-pandemic levels, the rate of both traffic and spending declines eased in August, according to data from The NPD Group. During the month of August, traffic declines eased to -10% and sales traffic declines eased to -9% year-over-year. The re-opening of restaurants

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