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Today is almost three months since I last posted on this blog, and it’s time to put some thoughts on paper again.

Standard disclaimer for new readers: email replies containing charts, market history and thoughtful analysis are always welcome. Any responses discussing geopolitical events or theories of how the world should work will be spam-filtered and not read. Also a warning: anyone sending inappropriate or disrespectful feedback will be permanently blocked. I won’t even read them, because someone helps me filter notifications. Lastly, (1) anyone who fails to understand the time frames being discussed in this report should stop reading (and shouldn’t be trading in the first place) and (2) anyone who trades based on any information contained herein is fully responsible for their own decisions.

For those who started following my work recently: I’m a trader running a hybrid strategy with two core components: (1) Core Models which tend to have anticipatory (early) characteristics, and help identify potentially critical scenarios & market opportunities. (2) Technical Models which continuously scan a Global single Stock universe in order to confirm IF those scenarios are turning active and actionable (and only then, requiring me to respond). Together, Core Models help me lock into ideas early,

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