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Dan McLaughlin

We're Taught to Revere Schoolteachers. So Why Are They Paid So Little?

Top professional athletes regularly sign multi-million dollar contracts, with signing bonuses and lucrative product promotion deals. Why do professional athletes make so much more money than, say, professional teachers? Do people really value sports more than they value education? Teachers provide a service that is

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Frank Shostak

Good Economic Theory Is Always Grounded in the Real World

In his “Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics” (Mises Daily, June 17, 2006), David Gordon writes that Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk  maintained that concepts employed in economics must originate from reality—they need to be traced to their ultimate source in the real world. If one cannot trace it, the concept

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Jeff Deist Bradley J. Birzer

Russell Kirk's “Libertarians, the Chirping Sectaries”

Professor Bradley Birzer from Hillsdale College joins the show to dissect Russell Kirk’s famous 1981 essay condemning libertarians. Is libertarianism necessarily utopian and unworkable, as Kirk suggests? Is it hubris to imagine we don’t need the state—or even God—to prevent social chaos? Do libertarians have

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