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The Babble-On 7: The Fed and Yellen

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So babble on, Babble-On 7; it won’t change anything. The forces in motion are like tides, and you can’t talk the tide into reversing.

Allow me to introduce the Babble-On 7: the six board members of the Federal Reserve and Treasury chief Janet Yellen. (The Fed board has seven slots but one is vacant at the moment, so 6 + Yellen = 7.)

These seven lackeys of the Financial Aristocracy babble on, endlessly repeating the same disconnected-from-reality fantasies and delusions, apparently on the premise that if they repeat “you can fly, you can fly!” often enough, people will jump off the cliff actually believing the Fed and Treasury gave them super-powers to sprout wings at will.

Alas, denying reality does not stop reality from intruding, typically with great force.The Fed is not all-powerful, and wings will not sprout from believers’ shoulder blades. They will impact the rocks at the bottom of the cliff with the devastating force known as gravity.

The short list of endlessly spewed disconnected-from-reality fantasies and delusions by the Babble-On 7 are:

Fantasy/Delusion # 1. The Federal Reserve’s policies of free money for financiers and speculators did not cause or exacerbate the skyrocketing wealth-income inequality that is undermining

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